It’s with immense pride that we share a landmark achievement in Peaceful Paws Pet Crematorium’s journey. In less than a year since opening our doors, we have been nationally recognised, winning the Pet Bereavement Service Of The Year Award at the Irish Pet Awards. This honour is a testament to our dedication to providing empathetic and personalised pet bereavement services​​.

Our Philosophy: Tailored Comfort in Times of Loss

At Peaceful Paws, we deeply understand the special bond between pets and their families. We offer services designed to honour the memory of beloved pets with utmost care. Whether it’s placing the remains in a unique urn or a beautiful tribute box, we focus on offering solace. As written in The Clare Champion this week (see the full article below) , “Less than one year after it was set up, Peaceful Paws Pet Crematorium scooped an award for Pet Bereavement Service of the Year… ” – a recognition of our efforts to provide comfort in these difficult moments​​.

The Story Behind Our Empathetic Approach

Our journey began with a realisation by founders Aimee and Danny Keller, about the need for more empathetic, personalised pet bereavement services. This led to the creation of Peaceful Paws, aiming to provide a service that was not just efficient but also deeply compassionate. Aimee Keller, reflecting on this journey, mentioned, “I knew we could provide a better and quicker service. I felt we could provide more of a personal touch.” This approach is what garnered us the prestigious Pet Bereavement Service of the Year award​​.

The Impact of the Award

Winning this award is more than an accolade; it’s a symbol of trust and assurance to pet owners who seek our support in their time of need. It acknowledges our commitment to excellence and empathetic understanding in saying farewell to cherished pets, and that approach absolutely resonates with our clients.

Our Ongoing Commitment to Excellence

This award marks a significant milestone, but also reminds us of our ongoing responsibility. We are motivated to continually enhance our services, ensuring a supportive, caring environment for every family that comes to us. Our goal is to remain a steadfast support, providing peace in times of loss.

Expressing Our Gratitude

Reflecting on this achievement, we extend heartfelt thanks to our clients who have trusted us with their beloved pets. Your support and feedback have shaped Peaceful Paws. We also thank the Irish Pet Awards and all our of clients for recognising our passion and dedication. Here’s to many more years of providing compassionate care and support to families during their times of need.

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