Peaceful Paws is thrilled to share this piece featuring our very own Aimee Keller, who was recently interviewed on Clare FM’s “Clare Women In Business.” In this episode, Aimee discusses her journey and the passion behind Peaceful Paws Pet Crematorium. You can listen to the full interview below on SoundCloud.

“Clare Women in Business” is a remarkable initiative by Clare FM, showcasing the achievements of women leaders in County Clare. Over 26 weeks, the program features interviews with women who have made significant contributions to the local business community. These interviews highlight their personal stories, challenges, and successes, aiming to inspire and promote gender equality. The program not only celebrates the accomplishments of these women but also encourages the next generation to pursue their ambitions and contribute to the economic and social fabric of County Clare.

By fostering a supportive environment and providing a platform for these voices, “Clare Women in Business” is making strides towards a more inclusive and equal business landscape. Through shared experiences and insights, the initiative aims to build a network of encouragement and empowerment for all aspiring female leaders in the region.