In a recent feature on Scariff bay Community Radio, hosted by the insightful Marie McNamara and Trish Nugent, Aimee Keller, the owner here at Peaceful Paws Pet Crematorium in Ennis, shared her insights and experiences in supporting families through one of their most challenging times: the loss of a cherished pet.

Since its inception in December 2022, located strategically on Gort Road, Peaceful Paws has swiftly become a beacon of solace and support for pet owners across the Mid-West. Aimee’s discussion on the radio not only highlighted the comprehensive range of services that Peaceful Paws offers but also underscored the core philosophy that guides every action and decision at the crematorium – treating every pet with the utmost care and dignity they rightfully deserve as valued family members.

The recognition of Peaceful Paws as the ‘Pet Bereavement Service of the Year 2023’ is a testament to the unwavering commitment and compassionate service that Aimee and her family provide. This accolade is a reflection of the heartfelt gratitude from numerous families who found solace in the services of Peaceful Paws during their time of grief.

Aimee’s discussion also touched upon the importance of community and the role Peaceful Paws plays in providing not just a service but a shoulder to lean on during tough times. The establishment of Peaceful Paws in Ennis has created a space where people can find comfort, understanding, and support from individuals who truly understand the depth of their loss.